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On July 30, 2010, in Introduction, by Kenton Ross

Local Marketing is ForeverToday, progressive businesses in every local marketing niche are using blogs, social networks, video and geo-targeted mobile ads to find new customers and build loyalty with existing clients.

The challenge for the small business owner is not only to be aware of the new local marketing trends but to learn how to implement them and train their staff.

Ten years ago, there was no Facebook nation. Five years ago, if you ‘put out an app’ you were job hunting, foursquare was a Boy Scout knot and tweeting was for the birds. Change is happening and  in local marketing it’s happening FAST.

Potential customers are still looking for goods and services they need when they need them but not the way they used to. They use Google, personal referrals, online reviews and mobile devices to make local marketing decisions.

We Make Local Marketing Simple

This has given rise to the ‘hybrid marketer’ – a new breed of relationship strategist to help businesses transition to the digital, social and highly mobile customer trends. At Optin Local Marketing, we help small local businesses on an as-needed basis – Optin Local Marketing logotaking the place of expensive full-time staff – yet still fully able to appreciate the culture and the goals of the local independent business and what makes it unique – and irreplaceable.

Outsource, DIY or work with a local marketing coach?

Most small businesses don’t need or can’t afford a full-time local marketing specialist.

Then there is the process of crafting links, installing analytic software, split testing and tying it all together into a lead generation system that adds to revenue with a clearly positive ROI.

In our weekly updates, we keep the small business owner in touch with local marketing trends and tools – not just with what the larger trends are, but also what opportunities are going on in their local community for networking and local marketing opportunities.

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