Green Flag AcceleratorAccounts receivable management is not my favorite topic. One of the hardest challenges I have is focusing on my  ‘core competencies’.

I am not good at delegating. Another thing I’m not good at doing is collecting money – but I don’t like handing it over to a third party collection agency for two reasons:

  1. I am concerned that they will do or say something to my client that will reflect on me and damage the long term relationship – which is a precious asset.
  2. It’s frickin’ expensive! Most agencies charge 30-50% and the smaller accounts get ignored – even if they are the majority of the outstanding receivables.

Unless you get a thrill out of calling  your customers to remind them to pay you on time, Green Flag Accelerator is a new real-world tool for small businesses that is worth considering. It automates a series of diplomatic and professional payment reminder letters and phone calls in your name for less than $15 per account.

It is the perfect tool for weeding out casual slow pay accounts from true debtors and frees up your time and resources to do more productive tasks.  Time spent on collections is just working twice for getting paid once. If you have more than a couple of late paying accounts each billing cycle, you can make your life easier.

You can choose an available time through their real-time appointment scheduler to view a 15 minute  webinar overview of the Green Flag Accelerator system. Highly recommended if you have more than a couple of late paying accounts per month.

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